Friday, April 25, 2008

anzac day

Mina Perhonen fabric... I think? forgive the vagueness - this gorgeous print has been sitting on my desktop for quite some time...

A little apology to all the lovely readers who visit here from all over the world... I feel guilty not posting but today is a public holiday here in Australia (Anzac day), and I have gotten into the habit of not posting on public holidays! Probably quite silly given that so many readers are elsewhere in the world but anyway...

I'll be back next week with many exciting things in store... not 1 but 2 interviews with a couple of very talented young ladies... a fair whack of textile design... the usual Melbourne recommendations, and a round-up of my favourite web-finds from Milan Design week... Exciting stuff!

Have a great long weekend... mine will be all about home cooked dinners, bathroom DIY and hot water bottles. Mmmm toasty. See you Monday morning! :)


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