Friday, April 4, 2008

Angelucci 20th Century - New Shipment!

leather butterfly chair, arc lamp

slimline lounge, eames desk chair
Photos - Angelucci 20th Century

Just in time for the weekend, some shopping inspiration...

As if you didn't know(!), Angelucci 20th Century stocks a fantastic selection of classic 20th Century pieces, as well as some beautifully made reproduction pieces. I love their made-to-order repro slimline couches (pictured above), and also their butterfly chair with a variety of covers... (top image).

Their website is really worth a look, it's exhaustive - lots of photos of all their vintage and repro stock, with prices and clear details/dates.

After much anticipation Angelucci have also just received a new shipment of stock from France - a collection of stunning lamps, side tables, glassware, tables and chairs. A selection is currently on the shop floor and in the coming weeks more will be on display....

Can you think of a better way to spend your Saturday morning than browsing beautiful furniture in a stunning showroom? No. I didn't think so.

French 1950's desk lamp, French 1950's tiki-top table, Hans Wegner Sofa

Angelucci 20th Century
92 High st, Windsor
ph. (0)3 9525 1271 or 0414 339 001


  1. Luce
    Your blog is going from strength to strength - you are getting so many wonderful comments; i guess it makes all the late nights worth it!
    People I have showed love it!
    Your map drawing skills do rock! And how did you tee up an interview with Kikki K?
    See you soon lovely lady
    Caroline x

  2. yay Caroline thankyou! That is so lovely to hear. Yes I have been having a good week... the shopping guides are everyones' favourite it seems... they always get a lot of interest so my hits are up this week :) yay! I love and need the encouragement! Thanks lady..

    oh, Kikki K contacted me after I featured their store in the South Melb shopping guide, so I hooked it up with them then. But Kristina was expecting her first baby at the time (she's probably had it by now) so I feel very lucky that she had the time to respond. see ya soon! x