Friday, March 14, 2008

Tin & Ed

Tin & Ed are Tin Nguyen and Edward Cutting. They're a young graphic design duo based in Melbourne. Their name oftens seems to pop up on lot of kooky and cool design projects in Melbourne... Things like the Crumpler ABC website (weird but wonderful), the Next Wave Festival program, and also I keep seeing their photos on threethousand.

They are also in part responsible for this lovely print campaign for Tourism Victoria.... (photo above).

They made those giant 'wool' sculptures! Now that's quite versatile for a graphic design company! Nice styling huh? I really like that giant woolball. I like the illustrative shapes - the arrows and the hand. I like that they physically made the props and didn't just photoshop them! (for proof of this you can see the giant shapes in 3D here)

Also have a look at the lovely TV commercial that goes with that print campaign - really cute art direction... makes Melbourne look so pretty!

I was all set to email Tin&Ed and see if they wanted to be interviewed but alas I have just found a fantastic interview with them here at Chaos Generation, and they pretty much answered all the questions I was dreaming up. Blah.


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