Monday, March 31, 2008

Mr Lincoln

Mr Lincoln

Sarah and Louise in their brand new shop

stunning posies on display

100% biodegradable flowerpots made from cane - plant them in the soil, and they'll break down completely in 24 months.

Mr Lincoln is a variety of red garden rose. It's also Fitzroy's newest florist, at 102 Gertrude st Fitzroy.

Sarah Nolan and Louise Cooper opened their little shop on Feb 11th. They're both experienced florists who've worked here and overseas for many years, but Mr Lincoln is their first shop of their own. It's a gorgeous little place, and I've no doubt we'll be hearing a lot more about them soon enough...

What sets Mr Lincoln apart is their focus on sustainability. Sarah and Louise have set Mr Lincoln up to be a completely environmentally friendly business. They avoid excess packaging at all costs - they'll wrap your flowers in unbleached fabric (which you can return for recycling), and they refuse packaging when buying their stock at the wholesale markets. They recycle all their green waste, and almost all their stock is local (ie from Victorian growers), to minimise the carbon footprint that comes with stock transportation.

Considering all the packaging that most florists use - cellophane, papers and ribbons etc, its no wonder these two likeminded florists have banded together to offer something different. It's such a great idea, and something I'm sure locals will embrace.

Mothers day is the second Sunday in May - which seems a little way off I know... but it'll creep up before you know it, and when it does, remember to pay Sarah and Louise a visit!

ps) must apologise for the photo quality... can't understand it. I think my camera must have been on a strange setting. whoops.


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