Monday, February 11, 2008

Inside Out

Just got the latest issue of Inside Out.... Lots of lovely things as usual. So hard to choose favourites.... but here goes:

Images from Todd Oldham's home -

Todd Oldham is well known in the US... not so much here. He's pretty much got an interiors empire happening over there. Hugely successful. Very fun, retro, playful aesthetic. Actually his website's great... have a look. ANYWAY I wouldn't want my home decked out like his, but I like that his place seems real and reflects his personality. Crazy colours, eclectic pieces everywhere... Can someone please tell me what those giant carved timber gemstone shapes are? I don't get it... but I want one!

Above - a couple of shots above from winemaker Peter Logan's (second) home in Sydney... not bad for a holiday house! I like the original brickwork and massive dark timber beams framing the windows... that courtyard almost looks Japanesey...

And lastly... I don't normally get into white minimalist homes... or homes that ooze $$$$$$.... but this home in the Greek islands is just incredible. That view! My scans (and dodgy photo stitching) don't do the photos justice... go buy the magazine for a better look.


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