Monday, January 21, 2008

Marimekko Spring '08

Images from the Marimekko Spring '08 fabric range...

Hmmmm. I am in two minds about this post because there has been so much textile design here recently... Maybe my fabric fetish is becoming too predictable... but these designs just grabbed me and wouldn't let go! I'm loving bold prints at the moment... I'm finding myself drawn to deep yellows and large, blobby, irregular shapes... And no one does large blobby shapes like Marimekko...!


  1. Mmmm, I could just see that grey/blue 'house' material on a canvas in my home. Just the excuse I need to head off for a visit to Market Import. Do you know of any other Melbourne stockists of the full range of Marimekko fabrics?

  2. I love the house print too! sorry to say I am constantly frustrated by the lack of stockists for international brands like this in Melbourne... I am pretty sure Market Import are the only Marimekko fabric stockists in Melbourne. Marimekko homewares and accessories are everywhere but the fabric is harder to find... Chee Soon and Fitzgerald in Sydney have a great range in stock usually... which isn't that helpful I guess but maybe you could contact them if Market Import don't have it? Sorry I can't be more helpful... thanks for your comment though! :)

  3. Market Import have a huge range of Marimekko fabrics on their shelves. I've seen all those designs pictured in there. They also 'stretch' them into fabrics and make up cushions etc.

  4. I just adore Marimekko, so much so that I've started importing the fabrics and are just about to open up an online store. I love near Market Imports but it's just a bit expensive, although the stop is to die for! To get me started I've posted up a few items on eBay if you're interested...
    Or simply email me at with any orders. Nat

  5. Kiitos Living by Design located in Barwon Heads and on line at, also has a huge selection of marimekko textiles/fabric in store.We ship Australia wide.

    We also have marimekko apparel direct from Finland.