Sunday, January 13, 2008

Brand New School

I was working on the design of this blog over the weekend... I'm already a little frustrated with the template/design limitations of Blogger (not to mention my own limitations when it comes to HTML)... but a friend came over to offer some advice - actually in retrospect we didn't get very far, BUT he did show me this fantastic ad by US outfit Brand New School.

Can't quite figure them out.. I guess they're a production company / post production house (?)... details details. Anyway, their ad for the AMEX Plum card is so cute you gotta watch it.

LOVE the overhead photography
LOVE the kitschy colours
LOVE the retro styling (the pull-out with those little flags on the US map? Wes Anderson would be proud)
LOVE the snappy editing

please watch it.


  1. LOVE lucy having a blog.

  2. I really want to see it but my stupid old clunker IMac can't handle the 12meg download...!
    Look forward to many more lovely Lucy finds!

  3. Thanks Jess! You are such a loyal supporter! :) I was so nervous to make this public! aggh.

    Ohhh sorry Amber - maybe you can check it out on James computer? My mac is pretty old too and it worked for me... I think if you wait a few secs it'll play directly from their website without you having to download? maybe? lots of Love - talk soon! x